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Active Virginia Entrepreneur Builds Personal Fitness Brand [DMV CEO]

Lawrence McKay, founder of Ante Up Fitness, had always been active and athletic as a child. Staying active was a big part of his lifestyle. Riding his bike, playing on the football team, and challenging his friends to athletic games came natural to him, “Growing up being active, being physically fit, I’ve always been attracted to exercise naturally.”

As we grow older, there are times when our duties and focus shifts us from what we love to what we need to do. Playing outside and being active takes a backseat to working. Having responsibilities can often cause us to put our interests and activities on the shelf until we find a few minutes of spare time to pick them back up again. For Lawrence, being an adult did just that. Instead of allowing his adult life to push down his desire to stay active, Lawrence found a way to combine the two. Have a steady income while also getting to do what he loved best. “On top of that, it was actually a really good way to help people. You have the income factor, the exercise factor, and you also have the factor of helping people better their lives. It was just a win-win-win for me all around.”

Excerpt from Active Virginia Entrepreneur Builds Personal Fitness Brand [DMV CEO]

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