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IAM072 – Social Entrepreneur & Activist Empower Trafficking Survivors Through Employment

Deborah is a social entrepreneur and a human rights activist. She dedicated the last 10 years studying the issue of human trafficking and working on counter-trafficking measures at places like the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Prior to her work at the United Nations, she worked at a renowned European private institute for health. There, she successfully managed the health ...

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IAM055 – Trainer Uses Health & Fitness as a Catalyst for Mindset Shift

Zack Blakeney is the owner of Sol Force Training. He chooses love and he chooses to be happy. Both feelings are centered around his passion for helping his clients transform their lives. He uses health and fitness as the catalyst for a complete mindset shift, creating a new thought process and a positive outlook on life.  His teachings are centered ...

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IAM054 – CEO Creates a Rugby Brand Delivering Content, Community & Clothing

Scott Flear is the CEO of Rugby Warfare which is a rugby clothing brand based in the UK. Scott is a self-taught internet marketer having built and sold his first fitness site by age 19. Rugby Warfare started as a side-hustle whilst working as head of SEO for a luxury games room retailer and then Performance Marketing Manager for a ...

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IAM059 – Consultant, Speaker & Trainer Helps Leaders Feel Superhuman

Hari Kalymnios is a consultant, speaker and trainer on mindset, resilience, wellbeing and how to feel SUPERHUMAN. He helps leaders become better self-leaders by improving their energy and vitality levels so they can attain high performance. He’s the founder of The Thought Gym, and author of the book The Thought Gym and Working Well. He’s shared his philosophies on the ...

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IAM058 – Co-Owner Starts Medical Facilitation Business After Experience Frustration with Canadian Health Care System

Christy Evon is Director and Co-Owner of Health Vantis, a medical facilitation business. She started her business after experiencing the Canadian health care system and frustrations with it while living there. Her background consists of a 14-year career in the US insurance industry and she has a Master’s in Business from Indiana Wesleyan. She currently resides in Indianapolis, IN with ...

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IAM070 – Speaker & Coach Helps Passionate People Unleash Their Inner Badass

Sandra Possing is a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur, who helps passionate people with big dreams and even bigger hearts unleash their inner badass. Through her 1:1 coaching, group programs, speaking, writing, videos, and social media platforms, Sandra is on a mission to wake more people up to the incredible power they have inside of themselves to break free from what’s ...

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IAM065 – Founder of Apparel Company & Helps Young Children with Exercise & Eating Habits

Lori Tobin is the founder of SporTobin, a Hull-based apparel company specializing in workout clothing made in the USA for adults and children since 1991. Lori has spoken actively on the South Shore and beyond about healthy eating habits and exercise, especially in young children. She has also been involved in many causes and created and continues to teach her ...

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IAM077 – Innovator Creates a Virtual Wellness Platform Helping People to Conquer Health Goals

Jillian Bridget Cohen is the CEO & Co-Founder of Virtual Health Partners, Inc. (VHP), a results-based virtual wellness platform that provides live one-on-one nutrition appointments, fitness classes, and lifestyle modification by a team of wellness specialists. In May 2016, Jillian launched VHP with the goal of creating an ecosphere of wellness support, available anywhere and anytime. She continues to develop ...

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IAM075 – Nutritional Chef Creates Healthy Dishes with a Modern Twist

Melissa Eboli AKA Chef Via Melissa is a nutritional chef based out of NY. Her services include event catering, dinner parties, cooking classes and recipe development. When she’s not in the kitchen, she can be seen making guest appearances on Dr. Oz , in addition to being published in the likes of Women’s Day, Readers Digest and Huffington post to ...

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IAM074 – Personal Development Coach Helps Young Professionals in Corporate America

Sydney is a badass young female entrepreneur who focuses her work on personal development coaching. After leaving her successful career as a Buyer in Corporate America due to severe burnout, anxiety and lack of fulfillment, she began her own Coaching Business full-time. She now focuses on helping young professionals find clarity and purpose in their lives, navigate overwhelm, connect to ...

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